I only have enough money for a few stocks, or I have a lot of money and can buy many stocks. Which firms should I buy?

Whether you choose to buy the stocks listed as Buys in Contra, or others, is your decision. We discuss which ones we have bought and why. We also report when we sell stocks and the rationale behind each decision. In each quarterly update we provide a breakdown of the President’s Portfolio and Vice-President’s Portfolio. Within the President’s Portfolio, Benj divides stocks into two categories: Buys and Holds. Within the Vice-President’s Portfolio, Ben provides subscribers with a buy limit to distinguish between those stocks which are a hold and those which are a buy. We always suggest that readers analyze our buy list first and assess whether our stock purchases make sense, both from a stock purchase viewpoint and specifically to their own portfolios before they buy. We do make mistakes, and unfortunately, we always will.