Contra the Heard is an information service for independent individual investors. Our goal at Contra is to profitably invest our money while sharing with you the whys and wherefores of the investment choices that we make.

The contrarian philosophy that we are guided by advocates an independent approach to investing, one that requires you the investor to assess your own investing needs and abilities, and which demands a commitment to understanding the securities you select for your portfolio.


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The specific securities discussed on this site (and in the quarterly Contra the Heard newsletter) are part of the Contra portfolio; we do not focus on securities that we do not own.

In addition, the information we provide on this site is specific to our portfolio and our investment needs; it is a reflection of the decision-making process that we follow in stocking our investment portfolio.

The information on this site and in the newsletter is not intended to be, nor does it constitute, financial advice or recommendations. You should not make any decisions, financial or otherwise, simply because we have done the same thing.

And before you make your own decisions, we encourage you to read widely, expose yourself to viewpoints that fly in the face of our contrarian ones, and, where appropriate, seek independent advice.