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Our Philosophy

  • concentrate on turnaround situations and stocks which are currently unpopular but are likely to regain their lustre

  • focus on stocks that have the ability to increase in value by a minimum of 50 percent

  • carefully analyze corporations’ financial statements, concentrating on debt ratios and book values

  • analyze management’s ability to achieve stated goals

  • invest only in organizations that have existed for at least ten years

  • often pick takeover candidates well before takeovers occur, for near-optimal returns

  • normally sell a minimum of 50 percent of a stock upon achievement of our target, while “market timing” the remainder

  • practise patient investing while ignoring the daily pulse of the market

  • advocate diversification

  • remain independent of any broker, corporation or financial institution

  • put our money where our mouth is by notifying readers of the Contra the Heard investment letter only of stocks that we actually buy

  • strictly limit our readership to 1,000 subscribers

  • appreciate stocks that pay regular dividends

  • acknowledge a responsibility to help those that are less fortunate
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