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Investors’ Links

It is not news to anyone that the Internet makes available a myriad of information resources for investors. We have a distaste for crass commercialism, obnoxious banner ads, etc., so on this page we will pass along a select few resources we use ourselves, as well as sites belonging to others in the investment community who have garnered our respect.

Since 1981, the Canadian MoneySaver has been a respected source of practical, no-nonsense financial advice. Benj has been writing for this magazine once or twice a year for eons.

Are you looking for more things Contra? Phil has you covered. He writes regularly for the Contra Guys on Seeking Alpha. Here he delves into the watchlist process, occasionally discusses Contra investments at length, and provides analysis into other companies and strategies separate from the Contra method.

INK Research was the first in Canada to help investors use the legally reported buying and selling of shares by insiders to make better investment decisions.

Insiders are broadly defined as executives of public companies and institutional investors (10% security holders). The Contra Guys use INK’s CIA Interactive, a premium service that has evolved over the year to include North American stock fundamentals and videos from Real Vision, an on-demand financial markets video service.

Real Vision takes a deep dive into key global investment issues with some of the world’s most respected financial decision-makers.

INK’s service may be a bit pricey for the typical individual investor. Fortunately, INK also operates Canadian Insider, which provides a lot of free information. Members of Canadian’ Club Ultra get access to core INK Research reports and Real Vision videos on an ad-free basis.

My Money Moves is Phil MacKellar’s personal website. It explores the world of personal finance, and journals his personal money moves. Its goal is to provide information and resources in a fun and friendly way. He aims to cover a variety of money topics not related specifically to investing. Phil blogs about enduring financial principles irrespective of how old you are, what your finances look like today, or where you live. It will strive to balance frugality against living for today.

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