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The Canadian Small Business
Survival Guide

Canadian Small Business Survival Guide

Currently in its third edition and 12th printing, The Canadian Small Business Survival Guide has been a phenomenal success, selling more than 30,000 copies. Other editions of the book have sold in the United States, China and the Czech Republic, and portions have been reprinted in more than a dozen countries.

The Canadian Small Business Survival Guide is jam-packed with advice on how to sidestep the pitfalls and avoidable mistakes that cause so many new businesses to fail. Detailed information on everything from preparing a solid business plan to minimizing taxes, from choosing a location to choosing an accountant, will put you way ahead of the game from day one. Also included are:

  • the top 21 reasons for business failure;
  • numerous charts, graphs, checklists and self-surveys;
  • contact information for private organizations and government offices offering advice and assistance to entrepreneurs across Canada;
  • entertaining case studies that allow the reader to analyze common business problems and formulate solutions;
  • “How I Hate Those Numbers!” — detailed, easy-to-understand guidelines for bookkeeping, generating financial statements, analyzing cash flow and deciding when it's time to hire an accountant.

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